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List all your services and devices so you know if they are working correctly. It can be your internet box, a zigbee gateway, the visio provider your are using.
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You are attending an important meeting and something goes wrong with the network ? Find out quickly so you don't miss out on important opporunities.
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to monitor what's together
Watchlist is a convenient way to check services and devices reachable from a specific network.
Office / Home / Home without internet
Designed for Mac OS
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We took care to be fully integrated with MacOS. We follow Mac Design system. Make sure Dark and Light modes are supported. It blends in.
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Questions & Answers
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How does the app checks the service is live ?
Right now we are using the same way as a ping command. it is called an ICMP check.
What is a watchlist ?
A watchlist is a set of services and devices you want to monitor together. It is handy to separate things that won't be accessible at the same time from the network you are connected to.
How many services can I monitor ?
As many as your machine supports.
I have many computers, can I use it accross ?
Yes. The configuration is stored in icloud so it's synched up automatically across all your computers.
Do you have a windows version ?
Unfortunately not. Right now our focus is purely on Mac OS.
Is there data sent to your servers ?
No, Hey - Network Monitor is a standalone app. You are fully in control of your data.